If you are considering buying a new home that just happens to be in the perfect size, is the perfect lot with a majestic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains but the kitchen is outdated with lime green cabinets and has carpet everywhere including the bathroom. (You know the house I am talking about)

Keep in mind there are a few things you can't change like the location and your budget. A finished home in that perfect area is way over your realistic budget and lets try to keep that realistic part in the forefront of your mind when you are falling out of love with those lime green cabinets.

With some updating and a little work you can make this house the perfect home and enjoy the wise decision you just made in purchasing it.

When you consider doing any updating to your home consider WNC Cabinet Solutions. They will custom fit your space to your design with a variety of choices of cabinets and flooring. They also redo closet space,I don't know anyone that doesn't want an organized closet. 


The website is coming soon but you can check out their FACEBOOK page here.

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We would love to help you find your dream home!!