It's true, I dont know about you but since I've been a Realtor I have remained pretty good friends with most of my clients. Its nice. Being a Realtor is rewarding on many different levels, my favorite one being the friendships formed. My very first clients I met at a local restaurant and they were wanting to move here from TN. Me, being as friendly as I am and an eager new Realtor, I jumped on the opportunity to help them and be their agent! They were an older couple and it was right when the pandemic happened so everything was already at a heightened level. But they trusted me and found their new home here in Weaverville. I was excited! I helped them move. I went over for morning coffee and porch talks. And then a couple years later when my husband and his business partners opened a new shop here in Weaverville, my clients were up there helping us getting the shop up and running! I mean, who would have ever guessed that as a Realtor these friendships would be born?! Others I have worked with got to watch me grow during my pregnancy and were just as eager to meet my little one as I was. Gifts were given, the coolest was a rocking chair for my little and I still send photo updates to them-Seriously, the best thing ever! 

Heres an atricle to futher read another agents ups and downs of being a Realtor and relationships formed!

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