As we all know the housing market ebbs and flows in Asheville and the surrounding areas . Right now it's a seller's dream to get top dollar for their home. For buyers it can be frustrating, from getting out bided to not being able to find anything that suits your needs. That perfect home seems like a dream to many. Remember to try to be flexible with what you really need in a home, as compared to what you want. You can't change the location of the home but you can update, add on or even build something new.

If you are serious about buying a home it is always best to get pre qualified first. Get your finances in order and pay off as much debt as possible before you try to get a loan. Your credit score and debt to income ratio all come into play when getting pre-approved for that dream home. 

Having a knowledgeable real estate broker that is on top of things hitting the market is a buyer's best bet. They will not only help you find that perfect home but also help you negotiate the best deal possible. It's a big deal buying a home and having someone you can trust makes a difference.


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