When searching for a new home one of the things that we must take into consideration is our furry family member.

As we scroll aimlessly through the MLS and Zillow or our awesome website http://www.blueridgepropertiesnc.com/

looking for the puurfect home that has a fenced in yard, on a road that is not to busy, a pocket neighborhood that geared towards pets,or one that is close to a dog park. We think about our pets, all their needs and if they will be happy. Because as we all know our pets rule the roost.

Its pretty eye opening to think that 68% of households have pets and out of that 60% have dogs.


A recent survey stated that 33% of millennials are motivated by the desire to find a space for their beloved fur baby.That is a pretty big percentage, so when you are searching for a new home or selling your current home please keep your furry family member in mind. They will LOVE you unconditionally for it.