It is another rainy day in W.N.C,  how are your gutters holding up? Are they overflowing with rainwater or pooling water around the downspout?

If your gutters are not installed correctly , are old and sagging, rotted, overflowing with water, clogged with leaf debris,or are you growing a new tree in them?

You may want to clear them out.

These are all things that as a homeowner you want to check and make sure they are flowing properly away from your home. If not it can cause severe damage to your siding , fascia, roof and deck causing cracks in your foundation and leak water into your basement.

All these things can become extremely costly to fix and no one wants a surprise like this when they are trying to sell their home and get that dreaded home inspection report back .

So clean out those gutters and take care of your home . At the end of the day it will save you money and headache when trying to sell your home.