when is the best time to plant your spring garden 


 If your anything like me. I can not wait to get my hands back in the dirt and start planting my gardens again. Deterining when to plant in the spring can be harder than predicting the ups and downs of the real estate market. Part superstition and part science.

Every region is different depending on the altitude and terrrain. Below is an average date of the last spring frost. Living in the area we live its usually best to wait. Global warming has not helped at all either. Back in 2004 when we first moved to the area it snowed in May and as the years have gone by we seem to have less *snow* every year. Keep your eyes on the weather...spring is on its way.

Enjoy the sunshine and get those hands dirty!!

Region Average Last Freeze Plant Summer Garden
Gulf Coast February 1 – March 1 March 1 – April 1
Southeast March 1 – April 1 March 15 – April 15
Midwest April 1 – May 1 April 7 – May 7
North May 1 – June 1 May 15 – June 15