While other city's claim to be the best place to live . Asheville and the surrounding cities actually ARE the best places to live. 

Here are a few of the top reasons to live here. 

The Blue Ridge Mountains * These are some of the oldest in the world and quite frankly some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. If you love the outdoors in all its glory, this is the spot for you. From hiking trails to kayaking on all the rivers, you will never run out of things to do outside. It is a nature lovers paradise.

The Community * If you are a lover of local handmade crafts, food that is grown with LOVE at a nearby farm, grass fed organic meats or fresh eggs from your favorite goat lady. You can find it all here.

This area boasts creative and crafty artists from jewelry makers, woodworkers, potters and welders just to name a few. The local community colleges are a great resource if you ever want to learn a craft or trade. You can also learn how to grow your own food or brew your own beverages.

The Food * The food is AMAZING in this town. Everywhere you go you will find an awesome BBQ, taco joint, tapas, mom and pop dinner, or that sweet ice cream shop that only uses local ingredients. It is all delicious, it is worth investing in your taste buds to go try it all out . 

The Homes * The homes are for the most part all very different. You can get into that subdivision with the clubhouse if that is your jam. Or you can find a hip modern home in the West side of Asheville that is within walking distance to restaurants, shops and live music.

We also have log cabins if you prefer to live in the mountains away from the city or the craftsman style home with gorgeous woodwork throughout the house. We have them all.


When you're making a decision on where to move, think of the Asheville area. It really is the best place to BE.