What Does Proof Of Funds (POF) Mean?

Proof of Funds is a document that demonstrates how much money a person or entity has available. When purchasing a home, you may need a POF to show the seller that you can cover the purchase costs of a home. Remember that purchase costs can include the down payment, escrow and closing cost.


What Funds Qualify?

There are several types of funds that qualify as POFs. In some transactions, simply having a bank statement from your bank or printed online can qualify. Additionally, a certified financial statement or copy of a money market account balance will qualify. Other times, you will need a letter from your bank or financial institution that states the exact amount of accessible or liquid funds that you have available.

It’s important to note that your funds must be liquid. This means that mutual funds, life insurance, another person’s bank account, shares and bonds or proof of other possessions do not qualify as POFs.


How Is A POF Letter Different From A Preapproval Letter?

A pre approval and a Proof of Funds letter are not the same. A preapproval letter is a document stating that a lender will provide a buyer with a loan, whereas a POF letter states that a buyer has funds available to pay for other costs associated with the purchase of a home. 


Preapproval Letter

A mortgage pre approval  letter is used to let sellers know that you will be able to afford the home. While someone may be preapproved for a loan, it does not mean that they get a loan right away.

The first step to getting approved for a mortgage is to get prequalified for a loan. This means that a lender has given an estimate for how much a buyer could be approved for based on their credit score. This number is a gross estimate.

Then, the buyer gets pre approved. They provide more information, such as a bank statement and pay stubs, and the lender will do a hard credit check to investigate the buyer’s debt and credit scenario. For example, after you apply to Rocket Mortgage®, an underwriter will take a closer look at your assets and financial documentation to determine what you will qualify for.  


POF Letter

Sellers will ask for POF in addition to a preapproval or prequalification when they want to see evidence that a buyer can cover the closing costs and down payment. They may also require a POF even if a bank or lender does not require it to approve you for a mortgage, so keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have a POF no matter what.


What Other Documents Qualify As POF?

Several documents qualify as POF. Proof of Funds usually comes in the form of a bank, security or custody statement, and can be procured from your bank or financial institution that holds your money. Bank statements are the most common document to use as POF and can typically be found online or at a bank branch.